Is your facility making transition decisions based solely on the results of a Brief Interview for Mental Status (BIMS) screen? It is easy to forget that BIMS screens and other cognitive screening tests are screens and not accurate diagnostic tests for dementia.

A resident who returns to the community needs a more thorough cognitive evaluation than what is available through the BIMS or other cognitive screens to establish key factors for a safe transition and effective care. It is important to involve the medical staff when cognitive impairment is suspected and important transition decisions are being made.

The Allen Cognitive Level (ACL) screen can be a very helpful tool to assist your facility in determining how to best serve a resident who is transitioning because the ACL focuses on current strengths and functional abilities of that resident. Innovate Rehab & Wellness therapy team members are trained and competent in administering and interpreting the results of the ACL and using it for effective transition planning and overall care of your residents. This is just another way Innovate Rehab & Wellness is not your typical therapy company! Check out these websites for more information on the ACL – Allen Cognitive | Cognitive Assessment Tools.

“The ACL is very useful and effective in long-term care,” said Megan Zuehlke, OT and ACL expert. “They help us know how to best approach the resident, what to expect the resident to be able to do, how they will respond in their environment and make safety recommendations for care plans/interventions.”

If you would like to implement more comprehensive dementia care in your facility and involve your therapy team in the care of residents who have dementia, call us at (402) 682-6999.

Cognitive Screenings for Residents with Dementia

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