Innovate PTA Enters Elite Group of Geriatric Specialists

Susan Gillum, PTA, with Innovate Rehab & Wellness is only the second PTA in Nebraska who has completed the Advanced Proficiency Pathway in geriatrics.

Prior to enrolling in the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) program, Susan was required to complete three courses where she studied leadership, professionalism and ethical conduct. She then completed 60 hours of continuing education coursework in geriatrics and was mentored by Betsy Spieler, PT and Board Certified Geriatric Physical Therapist, at Hillcrest Millard. 

“Betsy challenged me to further my clinical knowledge and helped make me a better clinician,” Gillum said. “I am very grateful that I work with such great physical therapists who inspire me every day to be my best.”

With Spieler’s help, Susan was able to complete 2,000 clinical hours focused in geriatrics.

“I admire Sue’s ambition for pursuing this advanced certification,” Spieler said. “She consistently demonstrates Hillcrest values by being a strong advocate for our guests’ [patients’] needs and providing interventions that address barriers to their goals.”

Gillum, who works with Betsy at Hillcrest Millard, is very motivated by the guests she serves every day.

“I get so much fulfillment watching my guests progress, improve their independence and reach their goals,” Gillum said

Gillum’s Advanced Proficiency Pathway recognition in geriatrics is good for 10 years. She feels this certification allows her to be a better clinician for Hillcrest’s aging adults.

Innovate Rehab & Wellness, an affiliate of Hillcrest Health Services, is one of the largest post-acute rehab providers in the region. With more than 120 physical, occupational and speech therapists, Innovate Rehab & Wellness provides services in skilled nursing, home health, assisted living, independent living and outpatient settings in the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas.

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Innovate PTA Enters Elite Group of Geriatric Specialists

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